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mikeMy name is Mike Robertson and if you want to have more success with your clients and athletes, work fewer hours, and make more money, then you need to read this right now.

I got into this field because I love helping people achieve their physique and athletic-related goals.

There's absolutely nothing better than when a coach and athlete achieve something together.

But one thing that you’re not told when you get into this industry is how big of a grind it can be.

I don't care how passionate you are about training people - there are only so many 60, 70 and 80 hour training weeks you can pull before you get frustrated, burned out, or flat-out quit.

And I speak from experience, because I’ve seen every nook and cranny of the fitness industry.

From one-on-one, to semi-private, to large group training.

And I’ve also worked the spectrum from rehab, to personal training, to athletic development.

Like you, I’ve always had three things that have driven me:

1 – To help my clients and athletes get amazing results.

2 – To become really good at my craft.

3 – And to take that hard work and dedication and be compensated fairly for it.

My goal has always been to become the best coach and trainer possible, so that my value goes up as well.

Since I started in the industry in 2000, my commitment to coaching and continuing education have helped me become one of the most sought after coaches and consultants in the industry.

I’ve trained pro athletes from every major sport (including all-stars in the NBA and MLS), and I’m currently the performance coach for the Indy Eleven professional soccer team.

My gym, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, has been named one of the Top 10 Gym’s in America by Men’s Health magazine three times in six years.

And I've gotten the opportunity to lecture across the world, and write for major publications like Men's Health, Men's Fitness, T-Nation and about how we train our clients and athletes.

Now I don’t say this to brag or boast – on the contrary, if we met in real life we’d probably have a great chat over a beer or cup of coffee.

Here’s what important to you:

I created my own reality, because I wasn’t happy or fulfilled working 60, 70 and 80 hour weeks just to make ends meet.

And just like I created my reality, so can you.

That’s why I created the Physical Preparation 101 DVD’s – to help people like you get better results with their clients and athletes.

A True Training System...
Not a Collection of Exercises, Sets and Reps

Unlike many of the great coaches and trainers before me, I grew up with this crazy thing called The Internet.

I got access to a slew of coaches worldwide that people 5-10 years before didn’t have access to.

And this access has allowed me to take in a ton of amazing information, combine it with my own knowledge and experience, and synthesize it into my own training system.

And that’s what this is – a training system.

Not a hodge podge, random mix of exercises or routines.

This is not another fitness product - this is a complete training system that will streamline everything you do, from writing better programs to coaching exercises more effectively.

The Physical Preparation 101 Training System

Square-Banner_3The Physical Preparation 101 series is a two-day seminar I recorded while lecturing in Dublin, Ireland.

The goal of the program was to give the trainers and coaches who attended an in-depth analysis of my training system.

Great programming is the starting point – you need to know the X’s and O’s to make sure that the workouts you create will give the desired effect.

But even the best program is worthless without great coaching to back it up.

You could prescribe all the right exercises, but if your clients and athletes aren’t executing them with proper technique, then they won’t get the results that they would expect!

Here’s an overview of what we cover in this video series:

  • R7 - A programming template you can use to build consistently great programs (that get AMAZING results)
  • The PRINCIPLES of smart training and conditioning that have stood up to the test of time
  • The nuts and bolts of program design - sets, reps, rest periods and time under tension - and how to manipulate them for maximal progress
  • Sample programs and templates for fat loss, muscle gain, strength and athletic development
  • The single-biggest issue you'll see with breathing and core exercises - and HOW TO FIX IT
  • How to have someone squat safely and effectively in their very first session
  • A progression to coach the deadlift that will stop lower back issues in their tracks
  • Overhead exercises - should you use them? And if so, how do you get someone overhead safely and effectively?
  • Reaching vs. Rowing - A CRITICAL distinction in your programming that will put you light-years ahead of your competition
  • The REAL reason you should put single-leg and split-stance work in your programming (HINT: It's not about strength!)

But that's just a quick overview; here's a complete breakdown of what you'll learn in each DVD:

Video 1 - The R7 Approach to Training

When we're first starting out, program design is one of the most challenging aspects of our job.

However, that's only because you don't have a template to build your programs from. Each one is made uniquely - from scratch.

Once you understand and apply the R7 approach to your program design, you'll immediately write superior programs, in less time than ever before.

Video 2 - 10 Principles of Smart Training

In this day and age of "new" exercises and training protocols, it's time to get back to basics.

What are the principles that lie underneath every great training program?

Once you know and understand these 10 principles, writing programs and customizing the training process will become infinitely easier.

Videos 3 & 4 - Program Design 101

Every program we've created has used sets, reps, rest periods and time under tension to create a training effect.

But having a deeper understanding of how all these variables work together to create adaptation is crucial.

In this talk, I go deep on the variables we have at our disposal, and show you how to bring them all together to supercharge your training programs.

Video 5 - The Intelligent Approach to Conditioning

Conditioning is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Just like you need to tweak your exercise selection, sets and reps based on the client in front of you, the same goes for the conditioning you prescribe.

In this lecture we discuss the various methods of energy system training at your disposal, and how each one should fit into the programs you create.

Video 6 - Sample Programming

Up to this point, you've got an incredible overview of program design, and how to lay out superior training programs.

But rather than leave it at that, I took the time to show sample programs for clients who want to build muscle, lose fat, build strength, or improve their athleticism.

Why start from scratch, when you can have a reference guide to help you get started? This DVD will bring all the pieces together, and help you start writing better programs TODAY.

Video 7 - Coaching Breathing and Core Training

Breathing is a hot topic in the industry today, and for good reason.

But what most people don't realize is that many coaches cue "belly breathing" or "diaphragmatic breathing" totally wrong!

In this video I discuss the various aspects of proper breathing, and then show how proper breathing lays the foundation for effective core training.

Video 8 - Coaching the Squat

The squat has been vilified for years now, even though it's a fundamental movement pattern that we must work to maintain.

Quite simply, squatting is something that every client or athlete should be working on.

In this video I show you how we coach the squat, as well as the exercises that we've found to get anyone squatting safely in a matter of minutes.


Video 9 - Coaching the Deadlift

Many coaches are wary of the deadlift, because their clients or athletes have struggled with lower back issues in the past.

In this video we break down the deadlift, and show ways to cue the exercise that will effectively load the glutes and hamstrings, while keeping pressure off the low back.

The progression I outline here can make a profound impact on how your clients move and feel.

Video 10 - Coaching Horizontal Reaching and Rowing Exercises

Horizontal reaching and rowing exercises look simple at first glance, but many of our clients and athletes aren't doing them correctly!

Furthermore, why should we opt for reaching exercises early-on in a program, versus the standard bench press variations?

In this video, we not only break down progressions and regressions for reaching and rowing, but really dive in to explore what good technique looks and feels like.

Video 11 - Coaching Vertical Reaching and Rowing Exercises

Going overhead may not be in the cards for every client or athlete we train.

However, there's a key distinction between loading and learning - and most of our clients and athletes need to learn how to go overhead, even if they don't load it.

This video will cover the variations and progressions we use to take someone from horizontal exercises to vertical exercises in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Video 12 - Coaching Split-Stance and Single-Leg Exercises

While strength and power are built around exercises like squats and deadlifts, stability and control are crucial for single-leg and split-stance work.

However, most jump blindly into these variations, without understanding how to derive maximal benefit.

In this video we'll discuss how to get the most out of your single-leg and split-stance work, and give you a sequence that will streamline the process.

But Wait - There's More!

I'm absolutely positive you're going to love the materials in this video series, but I really want to over-deliver. As such, here are some bonus items I'm going to throw in to crank the value up a notch.

Bonus Item #1 - A 1-Hour Q&A Call (MP3 Audio File)

One month after our launch wraps up, I'm going to do a Q&A call for people who purchased the product.

Here, you'll get a chance to ask your most pressing questions, and the ones I see most often will get answered.

Quite simply, this will be just another way to dig in and really learn the materials.

Bonus Item #2 - The Complete Progressions and Regressions Document (PDF)

While I cover progressions and regressions for all of the big movement patterns in the DVD's, this is an even more in-depth guide.

In this document we'll cover alternate routes, as well as some of the smaller or lesser known movement patterns to make sure you're doing things in a sequential fashion.

Bonus Item #3 - The Top 7 Fat Loss Finishers (PDF)

Every single one of us does some degree of fat loss training.

Here are seven of my absolute favorite finishers for fat loss clients, along with some funny anecdotes as to how we came up with them in the first place.

Bonus Item #4 - All of the Seminar Slides (PDF)

All of the slides have been conveniently inserted right into the videos, but I've provided downloadable versions for you as well.

This way you can review them right along with the materials, or print them off and make notes alongside the videos.

REAL Feedback from REAL Coaches

While I’m sure all this sounds great, for all you know, it’s just me tooting my own horn.

Rather than telling you how great I think this seminar was, here is honest feedback from coaches who attended the course.

As you can see, this course made a profound impact on these coaches, and in two-days I changed the way they will train and coach their athletes forever.

But I also realize your time is valuable, so let’s get down to brass tax.

The Elephant in (Every) Room - Price

People who invested in this seminar spent a pretty penny to do so.

While a handful were from Ireland, many attendees flew in from the UK, Germany and even Finland to attend.

When you consider the fact that they spent THOUSANDS of dollars between flights, hotels, food and registration for the course, the $377 (or $347 Digital) that I’m asking you to invest today is a drop in the bucket.

Over my 15 years in the industry, I’ve spent well over $100,000 on my continuing education. Whether it’s attending seminars, reading books, or reviewing video’s just like these, continuing education has been a cornerstone of my success.

And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the tens of thousands of hours I’ve spent on the floor coaching clients and athletes.

So what are you really getting for your investment of $377?

Not only are you getting all of my time spent on continuing education, but time that I’ve spent in the trenches, working with real clients and athletes.

What you’re getting is a system that I’ve developed, tweaked and refined over the course of 15 years, and put into a simple and easy–to-use format.

This investment is one of the surest bets you’ll ever make, because two days and $377 will impact how you train clients for the rest of your career.

And I also realize that $377 may not be in everyone's monthly budget, so I've created a 2-pay option along with the one-pay version.

Why am I doing this?

It may sound corny, but I feel blessed that I get to do this for a living.

I'm passionate about helping people succeed, and I want as many people as possible to pick up a copy of this video series.

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My 6-Month, No-Questions Asked,
100% Money Back Guarantee

money-back-guarantee-sticker-12149073In an industry that is notorious for a refund rate as high as 20%, our products are returned as little as 1-2% of the time.

Quite simply, we strive to develop and create only the highest quality products, and if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can return your product for a full refund.

Furthermore, this is a 6-MONTH money-back guarantee.

You’ll have plenty of time to review all of the materials (hopefully a few times!), and use the system to see how it impacts your training.

If you’re not using better cues, more comfortable in your coaching, and writing consistently better training programs for your clients and athletes, then send the product back to me ASAP.

Last but not least, even if you decide that this product isn’t for you, you can keep all of the bonus items just for taking the time to review my training system.

As you can see, you have nothing to risk and everything to gain by picking up a copy of the Physical Preparation 101 DVD set today.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

But Mike! Is this product a good fit FOR ME?

Now you may be thinking, “this all sounds fine and dandy, but I’m still not convinced.”

In fact, when I first started talking about this product, I got a ton of feedback from loyal readers and followers. Here are just a few fears, doubts and concerns they expressed.


But Mike! I’m super busy – I don’t have the time to get through all this.

Trust me, I feel your pain here.

I run two businesses, work with a pro soccer team, and have a wife and two kiddos that are incredibly important to me at home.

But if you took only 15-30 minutes per day, you could easily get through the materials in a month or so.

And think about the other side - how valuable would that time end up being?

Yes, it's absolutely an investment of your time - but the impact it will have on the rest of your coaching career will be profound.


But Mike! I’m just getting started and don’t have the money to spare.

When I came out of college, I was broke too.

I’d just moved to a new city, started a new job and had to pay for my car, rent, utilities, and of course that dreaded school loan payment.

But one thing I learned early on was to set aside and invest 10% of my income for continuing education.

A distinguishing factor for people who have a growth or abundance mindset is they firmly believe in investing in themselves.

Cut your expenses for a month - don't eat out, stop drinking $5 lattes, or get rid of your cable and invest in yourself and this product.

The investment will absolutely change the course of your training and coaching career.


But Mike! I can get all this info for free on your website.

While I strive to consistently put out top notch, high-quality information on my website, many of the topics I discuss in this DVD series have not been covered there before.

Furthermore, even the topics that I have discussed have not been covered to this degree.

And last but not least, this DVD series has everything put into a logical and easy-to-follow format, so that you don't have to bounce around and spend hours upon hours trying to connect the dots yourself.


But Mike! I’m super-serious about continuing education and I’ve seen all this before.

If you’ve been doing this for an extended period of time (say 15-20 years), then chances are you’ve been exposed to many of these ideas and concepts before.

However, even some of the highly experienced coaches at this course said that it helped them fill in specific knowledge gaps, or areas in their education and philosophy where they were currently lacking.

If you're an elite level coach, you're not looking for a philosophy - but rather, a way to tighten the screws, and do what you do just a little bit better.

It's the principle of the slight-edge - one tiny improvement or upgrade can make a huge difference.

I don't know what topic or presentation it will be, but there will be one segment in this DVD series that will give you that slight edge every elite coach or trainer is looking for.


But Mike! You train professional athletes – I don’t think this will apply to my clients.

Look, smart training is smart training.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re training a young athlete, a stay-at-home mom, a professional athlete or a retired grandpa, the basics of training are the same.

Sure, variables will change – the exercises you choose, the volume and intensity, etc. – but the foundational principles are always there.

And that’s what this program is all about – the foundational principles you need to become a better program designer and coach.


But Mike! You're Mike Robertson - there's no way I can use your system and be successful

While I'm flattered to hear this, I have a secret: There's nothing all that special about me.

If I had to attribute my success to two things, it would be this:

  1. I chose the right mentors, and
  2. I've always worked hard and hustled, both with regards to my coaching and my education.

I'm 100% confident that you can take these materials, apply them yourself, and get nothing less than spectacular results.

All the best,

MR signature



P.S. – What Does Your Future Look Like?

Here’s something to think about…

Since I’ve been in the industry since 2000, I’ve noticed two important things:

1 – The best of the best are consistently getting better, and

2 – Competition for clients and athletes is getting serious.

What are you going to do to make yourself better today?

How are you going to continue to grow and evolve?

And last but not least, how can you distinguish yourself from the other trainers and coaches out there?

This training system is an amazing first-step. It’s going to fast-track your progress, and shave years of mistakes off your career.

Trust me – I know. I’ve made more mistakes than I’d care to remember since I started.

But here’s the worst case scenario - imagine the alternative.

What if you choose not to invest in yourself? Or in this program?

The alternative is that in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years down the line, you’re still exactly where you’re at right now, or worse, totally out of the industry.

I’m all for honoring the present and being happy with where I’m at, but I also can’t imagine being in the same place 10 years from now that I am today.

If you’re serious about getting better results than ever before….

…and if you want to become more valuable to your clients and athletes, and make more money as a result…

…then please pick up your copy of the Physical Preparation 101 DVD’s today.

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